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Types of prayer

Prayer is a major part of many religions, and can take many different forms. In fact, there are four, and sometimes five, different types of prayer that are commonly mentioned. However, it can be difficult to distinguish between these different forms of prayer, as many of them do flow into each other, making differentiation between them difficult. It is for this reason that you may see different figures around the different prayer types in which you can participate. In addition, people may label the different prayer types with different names, which can serve to confuse things.

The first prayer type is adoration. This is one of the most common prayer types, and you will see many people use or participate this type of prayer. This type of prayer is common both within the church, and within the home environment, although the actual prayers used may vary somewhat between the two. Prayers of adoration usually involve showing our love of and dedication to God. Because of its particular nature, a pray of adoration and love may turn into one of the other prayer types quite easily. Probably the best known adoration pray is An Act of Charity. Charity is a word that traditionally means "love" to Christians, and this prayer describes the prayer's love of God.

Another prayer type you might be familiar with, or may even use on a daily basis, is expiation. A prayer of expiation is where an individual begs forgiveness from God for their sins and wrongdoings. It is a way of making atonement, and of apologizing for our sins and behavior. There are several well known examples of expiation prayers. These include the Agnes Dei, or Lamb of God, recited or sung before Communion, the Act of Contrition, and the Penitential Rite that is recited at the beginning of mass.

Another well known type of prayer is that of supplication or petition. This is probably one of the most common types of prayers, and will be used by many on a frequent basis. Prayers of supplication or petition are those prayers where an individual asks God for something. They may ask for the fulfillment of a particular need, such as a spiritual need, but many people will also ask for physical or personal fulfillment as well. They may, for example, pray for their health. People can also use prayers of supplication or petition on behalf of another individual, and will frequently do so. For example, it is common for people to pray at night for their loved ones. Supplications are also considered to be a particular type of attitude or emotion that accompanies prayer, rather than simply prayers in their own right.

A fourth type of prayer is intercession. Intercession may blend somewhat with prayers of supplication or petition, as intercession involves praying on the behalf of someone else. It may involve intervening, or mediating, on behalf of someone else for their benefit. Intercessional prayers tend not to be a one-off type of prayer, but rather involve active, persistent prayer for someone else.
By praying fervently and earnestly for other people, and for humankind, an individual is entering into intercession. Intercessional prayers can be quite demanding, and often require a strong devotion on behalf of the person doing the praying.
   Say an invocation prayer to tip God's will in your favor. Cain and Able were one of many Bible relationships we are taught about. The great Christian hymn, Joy to the World, is sung all over.